Financial Domination-Arabian Money Mistress Dominatrix

 Click on.....  Financial Domination for my new site.  This is where Financial Domination money slaves lose their souls to a Perfect Arabian Money Mistress.  You've wanked for hours at a time when noone is home and you are alone in your room.  Praying that perhaps a Mistress will get on yahoo webcam and start demanding orders at you while you stare at her perfect feet and click the paypal send button over and over again.  Tease and denial and ballbusting are all you can think about.  You sit there and wish you had a webcam so you can impress your Mistress with your obedience and send her money on demand..  Waiting with a Persian cucumber just waiting to penetrate yourself with pride.  As painful as it may be you are so happy to put yourself in financial ruins to please your Goddess.  You want to spend every dime on her that is in your girlfriend's bank account and give her all your lunch money.  This pay pony lifestyle is the only thing in life that excites you.  Sad but a constant reality each day.

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Why being a Financial Domination Money Mistress is essential.

I don't need a fancy site and pictures for you to wank off to.  I am real, and here to drain your wallets.  Period.  Contact me and you will see. I am a serious Mistress who is into you being a moneyslave.  I am into Mistress foot worship, female dominance, and being a phone mistress.  I enjoy providing phone humiliation and financial humiliation.  

If you are a waste of time and bugging me online you're taking time away from another slave who is dying to give me all his money.  That's not fair to him and I'm sure you wouldn't want him to do that to you.  Remember the Golden rule.  If you wanna be a pay pig you must give consideration to other pay pigs when they want me to spank them financially.  Wanker slaves will not be allowed to waste my time.  My time is precious.  I will not answer silly questions or indulge in your wank sessions unless my tributes are prompt and substantial.  If you're worried about breaking the bank, this is the place for you to do so.  I know you've been called an ATM machine in the past and need reassurance that you actually do hand out money when told or voluntarily.   I can reassure you of your place of being an ATM immediately.  You will listen and be under my control.  You will only speak when spoken to.  You will obey me even when you are 4000 miles away.  Distance training is to be obeyed and I am a perfectionist about it.  Orders will be given.  You will find yourself doing things you never thought you would do.  It's all part of your pathetic lifestyles.  I cannot wait to rob you!!  Female Dominance is not something to be taken lightly. 

Why Financial Domination is the only fetish for me.

Financial Domination pose

The Financial Domination regimen

- Raman Noodles and 1 Multi Vitamin Per Day is what is in the Financial Domination diet.  When you look at the big picture, you realize that you really don't need anything but carbohydrates (noodles) and a multi vitamin to get the other nutrients you're missing because of the food you're not getting in your diet.  This is the new lifestyle you have to take on to tribute me on a regular basis to keep me happy.  Your body will love you for it. 

You can be Mistress pony boy.. Just like the song.  There is no forced intoxication here, totally voluntary financial submission.   And you will love yourself for it when you realize you were financially taken by me.  Financial blackmail is a different story.  Financial Domination is what I specialize in.

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Financial Domination - My feet in your face.  Oh where oh where can my slaves be?  I just need someone to use.

Financial Dominatrix
So you've probably realized by now that my feet are the most amazing feet you've ever seen especially for a beautiful Money Mistress.  My soles and toes are perfect. My arch is high and beautiful and as you tribute me you'll be dreaming of them and all my Financial Domination Tactics.

A video I added for you money slave pay pig losers.